Flora, Fauna, & Fungi Ecological Resource Network

A nonprofit organization* connecting conservationists together, facilitating cultural diversity and information equity.

*Nonprofit filing in progress

Supporting Conservation by Promoting Synergy between

Individuals, Communities, and Organizations

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What F.E.R.N. WORKS to Achieve

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Promote Information Equity

By connecting individuals with social and physical resources to facilitate communication.

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Connect Ecological Knowledge Bearers

By facilitating collaboration on mutual goals between individuals in different specialties and skillsets.

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Engage People with the Natural World

By bringing culture and nature together into events and eco-experiences that spark engagement and facilitate connections.

F.E.R.N. works to support the future of conservation by addressing the need for greater connection and communication. By working together and providing a range of experiences and services to individuals, communities, and organizations, we can work towards a more informed and proactive ecological community.

Local Experiences

F.E.R.N. is developing an event series in 2024 to facilitate connections at the regional New England level.

This event series will connect ecological knowledge bearers with varying understandings of the natural world related to culture, the arts, and the sub-disciplines of ecology (geology, botany, entomology, ornithology, etc.)

The intent of these event series is to promote multidisciplinary community building around nature-focused activities.

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Queer Plant Convergence

Queer Plant Convergence (QPC) is an annual event that brings members of the LGBTQIA+ community together who have a shared interest in wild plants and the environment.

The primary goals of QPC include fostering connections, establishing a support network, and promoting values like diversity, equity, and inclusion within the regional botanical community. It has grown into a regional event series across multiple states and times throughout the year.

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Will You Be Our Frond?

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