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Mushroom Gills by F.E.R.N.


A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Date Launched:
November 11th, 2023

HQ Location:
Massachusetts, U.S.

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  • About F.E.R.N. – The origin of F.E.R.N., different facets of our mission, and how we accomplish our goals.
  • Organizers – Past and present organizers of F.E.R.N., as well as committees and their members.
  • Resources – Information on a variety of ecological topics collected by, and made available through F.E.R.N.
  • Events – A collection of upcoming and past events and experiences.
Goldenseal by Destynnie Berard by F.E.R.N.

Who Are We?

F.E.R.N. is short for Flora, Fauna, & Fungi Ecological Resource Network.

Our mission is to support conservation by promoting synergy between individuals, communities, and organizations. Our work addresses the need for greater connection and communication in conservation.

We do that by promoting information equity which connects individuals with the social and physical resources to facilitate communication and knowledge.

We also connect ecological knowledge-bearers across different specialties so they can collaborate on mutual goals.

These aspects often come together to engage people with the natural world as we bring culture and nature together into a range of events and eco-experiences.

FERN header by F.E.R.N.

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